We have created a place where ideas can be freely presented and debated, but within this framework, we do have.

Biker-Haven's Simple  Rules

1. We do not tolerate nudity.

2. We do not tolerate pornography.

3. We do not tolerate racially offensive material.

4. Messages that promote or evoke illegal practices are prohibited.

5. We reserve the right to regulate the use of the forum for commercial purposes; you may have a link to your website in your signature, however you may not use the forums to promote or offer your product for sale. Please contact Biker-Haven administration for options regarding advertising.

6. Do not carry on personal conversations in the forums, please use the Private Message feature for this purpose.

7.  Refrain from using vulgar or abusive language.

If any message posted is deemed in violation of these rules it will be either deleted or edited with out notice.

8.  User accounts not accessed for greater than 90 days will be considered abandoned and will be subject to deletion.

Violators of these simple rules will be notified by Private Message. Upon a second violation, your continued membership will be voted on by the members of Biker-Haven.