Sunday Mornin' Hope : The Race p5.

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Sunday Mornin' Hope : The Race p5.

Post by Psalmist on July 4th 2015, 1:41 pm

The Race p.5

"Creation." Wonderful greeted all who came out to see this spectacular event. "This is no ordinary day in history. Today's race will forever determine which species has the right to claim 'Fastest of all creation'. Since this morning the judges have given Platty and Puffy many tests to be sure there was no foul play in training. They both come up clean and fit for the race. Platty the platipus has accepted the challenge to race Puffy the roadrunner one last time. Platty has added one major detail. This race is to take place at the river Nis. The first one to cross it and return is the winner. This river is so wide, the other bank is not visible by the human eye. you must travel over halfway just to see it. The river is one thousand miles wide with many dangerous obstacles in it." The horrid creature across from Wonderful belched as it smiled. "He has no idea how dangerousss it isss." With a snakelike hiss, it dropped into the river.

"Please, stand and welcome today's contestants. (A small band of friends and family acompanied Platty to the river's edge in a clumsy way) " Platty is the mother of ten young platipus. They live, work, and play right here in the River Nis." The croud let out a nervous laugh and cheered the young Platty. To the left was Puffy in a hot pink satin jumpsuit. Her entourage consisted of a band of long haired musical apes. Each ape had a corsage of roses. Sloth glared at the apes. She knew where those came from and was not happy. "We also welcome Puffy and her monkey band." Courteous cheers rang out. Most of her family stayed home in Complacency. The race was no big deal to them. "The rules are simple. Go to the other side and come back as fast as you can. Are you ready? Get set...GO!"

Platty constructed a makeshift diving board just for this event. She took two big bounces and dove into the River Nis. It was an olympic dive. The judges gave a standing ovation and high marks (all but the German judge. He didn't like Americans.) Platty was making large strides throught the river, correcting at times because of the current.

Puffy flew back up the trail to the road entrance for a looooooooong head start. It would take her ten seconds just to get to the river's edge. Like a flash of light pink, Puffy disapeared past the bleachers and across the water. Her calculations were right on. As long as she maintained 77 miles per hour, her twelve pound body could stay on top of the water. She passed Platty quickly with a "beep beep". Platty kept up her long strides and was doing quite well. Puffy began to laugh at Platty and didn't notice the wind shift. Instead of supporting her speed, the wind began coming out of the west. Even a few degrees off would alter Puffy's path. The original straight line had clear markings, but now she became a little disoriented. The water changed from a clear brown to a milky brown. Nervously, Puffy picked up speed to insure bouyancy. Even the texture of the water seemed to shift from smooth to bumpy. A few times Puffy thought she saw strange creatures just under the surface. She glanced back once to get her bearings, but the shore was out of sight. Was she heading in the right direction? Where was Platty? Why did she agree to this race anyway? Question after question came into her head. Her speed had slowed to 78 mph and her feet began to drop under the surface at times. "What was I thinking? I didn't need to race Platty to prove I was the fastest. I just couldn't let go of the challenge. DUH!"

Off to her right, she saw something splash then disapear. "That was big! Whatever it was." She altered her course slightly to the left so as not to bother whatever that was. SPLASH! It was closer and moving at a high rate of speed. It seemed to resemble a stick or log. It was parallel to her and coming closer. Then nothing. It was gone. The water beneath became clear again as she ran at a steady 83 mph. She was over a sand bar and tiny fish were staying close as if she were protecting them. Then the water went deep again.

A dolphin came close, off to her right. "Hello little bird!" came a deep voice from the dolphin. Never had she associated a deep voice with a dolphin. Usually they're high and squeeky. Puffy sped up to 90 mph. The dolphin next to the roadrunner began to swim on it's back "Where are you going in such a hurry?" it asked Puffy. "There's no one out here but you and I. Why don't you slow down and rest?"

"I'm in a race against Pla.. a big brown platipus. I don't have time to rest. Have you seen such a creature?" she gasped in between breaths. Puffy was getting a slight catch in her side.

"A...plati...Oh yeah sure. It was way back there behind you. Yeah you got this one in the bag. You should stop and rest a minute." Puffy noticed something unusual about the dolphin. It never looked straight on to Puffy. It always spoke and looked from the same side. And one of the fins didn't look natural for a dolphin. "I have a warm spot in the river just ahead and there's plenty to eat! You must be getting hungry. There's a 50 foot sandbar, and all the fresh seafood you can eat. It's a seagasboard of sorts. I know the owner. He catches fresh fowfffish all the time. Daily they get caught! Please tell me you can stay for at least a bite."

"Well I am kinda hungry. And I believe I'm WAY out front of Platty. But, This could really slow me down. I better not. Thanks anyway" Puffy responded.

"Are you crazy? I'm offering you the choicest lunch and you're turning ME down? Who do you...I mean what do you think is going on? This food will give you immediate strength and fuel to get to the other side and back...." blurted the dolphin

"How did you know where I'm going?" asked Puffy "I never mentioned the race's course." Who are you and why do you always look away?"

"Some call me the great Revieced. I hurt my other eye in a battle and it looks awful. It wasn't fair. I was outnumbered 2 to 1! Enough about me. You must be getting tired and hungry. Look how far you've come.... I mean you must've come far. There's no land in sight except the small bar just ahead. Just take a minute and eat. I'll leave you alone. Be sure to try one of each. You really need your strength."


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Re: Sunday Mornin' Hope : The Race p5.

Post by trip on July 5th 2015, 6:54 am

Thanks Dino.

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