Welcome, Information about Biker Haven

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Welcome, Information about Biker Haven

Post by Admin on May 25th 2009, 11:17 am

Welcome! We hope you find the site enjoyable. This is just a little information to let you know what we have here and the rules to let you know how it works.

Biker-Haven.com is a refuge for a true brotherhood of bikers that ride all brands of motorcycles, to come and exchange ideas, talk tech, visit with old friends, make new friends, share experiences, and just have fun. We are a community of motorcycle riders from all walks of life that have joined together to create an organization that exemplifies the term Brotherhood.
We don't care what you ride, just as long as you ride.

Biker-Haven contains general forums for:

Introductions: A place to introduce yourself to the other members when joining,
General Discussion: A place to discuss and debate, to socialize and to develop friendships
Family Forum / Family Friendly: A place for family related posts,
Games: A place to post links for on-line games,
Jokes and Stories: A place for your jokes and stories,
Tats: A place to show off your ink,
Rides: A place to plan and coordinate public rides and events,
For Sale: A places to post non-commercial, personally owned items for sale.

Biker-Haven also offers Motorcycle specific forums that are intended for the sharing of:
Technical information about our motorcycles,
Questions and information about repairing, or servicing our rides,
Modifications that we have made to our Motorcycles.

We have created a place where ideas can be freely presented and debated without censorship, but within this framework, we do have.
Biker-Haven's Simple Ground Rules for Posting

1. We do not tolerate nudity.

2. We do not tolerate pornography.

3. We do not tolerate racially offensive material.

4. Messages that promote - or evoke - illegal practices are prohibited.

5. We reserve the right to regulate the use of the forum for commercial purposes; you may have a link to your website in your signature, however you may not use the forums to promote or offer your product for sale. Please contact Biker-Haven administration for options regarding advertising.

6. Do not carry on personal conversations in the forums, please use the Private Message feature for this purpose.

7. Refrain from using vulgar or abusive language.

8. User accounts not accessed for greater than 90 days will be considered abandoned and will be subject to deletion.

If any message posted is deemed in violation of these rules it will be either deleted or edited with out notice.

Violators of these simple rules will be notified by Private Message. Upon a second violation, your continued membership will be voted on by the members of Biker-Haven.
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